The camp is organized by UTOPIA TOURS HOSPITALITY

for groups aged 7-10, and 11-17 years old;

period of stay -14 days


Our family Camp in Greece is a great educational and ecological holiday program  for children at the Ionian coast! It is a unique camp that combines a healthy lifestyle and healthy thinking, sports and art, history and culture, education and leisure. Summer Camp is designed in ECO style. The leisure activities include learning foreign languages, sports, entertainment, games, quests and quizzes. Furthermore, it's the right daily routine, security, guardianship of the attendants, daily conversations, myths of Ancient Greece and excursions.  And, of course, cultural activities, dancing,  enjoy the sea, the sun and make a lot of new friends! The Summer Camp means daily lessons of Greek language, mythology and culture also traditional Greek dances lessons, games, competitions and games.

Accommodation at the "Ionian Beach Bungalows Resort"  a seaside holiday village set in beautiful countryside on the north western shores of Peloponnese. The hotel is located in the village of Lakopetra, the busting city of Patras is only a 30 minutes drive away. This beautiful bungalow type hotel on the perfect Blue Flag beach offers rooms with all amenities, a restaurant, bars, great cuisine, internet, a pool, sports and entertainment facilities. The golden beach of Kalogria, an endless sandy beach with sky blue water and en exotic atmosphere, together with the pine forests of Strofylia, composes an idyllic landscape famous all around Europe. Hotel has 82 bungalows set in extensive gardens of over 10 acres, directly adjacent to a long sandy beach. All bungalows have a terrace, table with chairs, closes horse, en suit bathroom, air conditioning, TV, mini fridge, safe.                                                                    

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- Accommodation in triple and quattro rooms with amenities (a hairdryer, a refrigerator, air conditioning   and a TV-set)
- 3 meals a day
- daily bathing in the sea or in the pool

- daily sport (yoga, pilates, aerobics)

- excursions to UNESCO World Heritage sites.

- Greek language lessons , mythology and culture

- Greek dancing lessons
- sports games and quests under the supervision of educators and trainers
- 24-hour security, medical service.

The area of the  hotel is fenced and guarded. Entrance of outsiders, without a special pass, is FORBIDDEN.
Children are under 24-hour supervision of educators, trainers and attendants.



Patra (or Patras) is the third largest town in Greece (after Athens and Thessaloniki) and one of the biggest ports of the country. Due to its geographical location, the port of Patra connects Greece with the Ionian islands and towns of Italy (Bari, Brindisi, Ancona, Venice an, Trieste).

Patras is a big town dotted by many churches. Some of them have an impressive style, a combination of Byzantine and Neoclassical architecture. The church of Saint Andrew (Agios Andreas) is the most important church in Patras, as this is the patron saint of the town. This modern church was founded in 1908 by King George I on the site of a former Byzantine chapel that existed there since the 1st century AD. It is said that the church has been built on the site where Saint Andrew, the student of Jesus Christ, was crucified by the Romans in 66 AD. Close to the church, there is the spring of Saint Andrew, which pours out holy water.

The Archaeological Museum of Patras was recently inaugurated and it is the second biggest museum in Greece. Although the plans for its construction started in the late 1980s, the museum actually opened in July 2009. Built on a plot of 28,000 sq.m., the Archaeological Museum of Patra has an interior space of 8,000 sq.m. and a wonderful yard with pool. The dome is metallic and a cultural park will be created next to the museum in the following years.

The Patras Fortress (Greek: Κάστρο Πατρών) was built around the mid-6th century A.D above the ruins of the ancient acropolis of the city of Patras, on a low outlying hill of the Panachaiko Mountain and ca. 800 m from the sea. The castle covers 22,725 m² and consists of a triangular outer wall, strengthened by towers and gates and further protected originally by a moat, and an inner compound on the northeastern corner, also protected by a moat.



Our guides introduce children the history of Ancient Greece, myths and monuments of architecture.The price of one excursion to Patra is included in the price of the tour. There is also an opportunity to choose other different excursions for an additional payment.


- round  tables

- meetings with interesting people

- quests and quizzes

- Greek traditional dance lessons

- master classes- evening walks

- celebration of birthdays and holidays


Greece is a country of the European Union and an entry into and stay in which is allowed only after having being granted a visa or with a bio-metric passport. Medical and sports insurance is required for the whole period of the child's stay abroad. The accompanying person is obliged: to supervise the safety of children during the tour, to be responsible for the preservation of all documents from the moment of departure of the children abroad and till the time of return to Ukraine. All children must have valid passports.


1. The participation form

2. Official invitation from UTOPIA TOURS and Ionian Beach Hotel

3. Valid Bio-metric passport   for traveling abroad (copy and original)

4. Copy and original of the birth certificate

5. Certificate of marriage (divorce) of parents

6. Guarantee of both parents (the parents take on all expenses during the child's stay abroad) - this phrase must be     in the guarantee; the original, certified by a notary public.

7. Confirmation by one of the parents about their income, or a certificate from the workplace, or a bank account.

8. Payment.



fill the form in our site "participation in program 2023" or book it through the official representative of the exchange program " of the UTOPIA TOURS


39 Euros for children and 40 Euros for adults ( till 20.06)

45 Euros for children and 47 Euros for adults (from 01.07 till 15.07)

47 Euros for children and 48 Euros for adults (from 15.07 till 29.07) per person per day, after 29/07- 52 Euros per person in Quattro room

in the price are included:

- accommodation in hotel in four-bed rooms with amenities

- 3 meals a day

- one intensive historical and cultural heritage tour of the cultural monuments of Greece

- all educational modules of Greek

- all educational and interactive modules

- photo and video

- all entertainment activities

- daily swimming in the sea under the supervision of educators

- Greek traditional dance lessons

- master classes


- transfer to\from airport

- insurance

- tourist taxes (in hotel reception)

- round flight (bus) to Athens

- support of a Ukrainian-speaking educator 


- the possibility of purchasing the tour by parents

- the possibility of parents' and children's stay in one room

- one excursion (tickets or entrances to all museums are extra payed by adults) and meals are included in the tour price


- filling in the form

- providing all documents for registration

- absence of contraindications concerning the health of the child

- payment


+380679224775 - Anna-Mariya Khmyz

Curator of summer camp from UTOPIA TOUR 2023 in Greece




On the first day of the arrival at the camp, educators conduct instruction to children on all major issues.But the main request to you, parents, is to hold a conversation with your child about importance to observe the rules of stay in the camp, despite the protection, on the prohibition to leave or arbitrarily stay away from group, and the prohibition to travel independently in a country, the language of which the children do not understand. Although Greece is an extremely friendly country, one should remember the elementary safety rules. Recommend your child to be friendly and sociable in order to make as many friends as possible.





2 Parnassou str., 10561, Athens


Τηλ: +30 210 3242830

+30 693 6958202




Ms. Anna-Mariya Khmyz

Curator of the camp from Utopia Hospitality Tours in greece in Greece